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* Personal responsibility for our clients’ claims: The designated claims adjuster is responsible for the claim from beginning to end; there is no wasted time or money due to the claim being shuffled between departments or from adjuster to adjuster.

* Personal relationships with our clients: We provide one loss control consultant per client so that we know our clients and their claims. Clients know who to call and can always expect their call to be answered in person.

* Behavioral safety focus: We focus on helping to improve your workplace safety culture by affecting how employees think, not just how they work.

* Proactive relationship: We focus on workplace accident and injury prevention to stop workers’ compensation claims before they happen.

* Hands on work: We are committed to helping improve your job site safety by having our consultants visit on site and complete observations of behaviors and risks.

* Providing proven behavior based systems that work: Method Oriented Safety Thinking® for front line associates, Method Observer Safety Trainer® for supervisors, and Seeing, Obeying, Spacing® for defensive driving.

* We are SAS Certified.

About Johnston & Associates, Inc.

Our History

Johnston & Associates was founded in 1990 by Ron Johnston with a mission of helping businesses find a trusted partner with unquestioned expertise in occupational safety and workers’ compensation management. Over the last two decades, Johnston & Associates has become that trusted partner to many companies  all across the United States, providing invaluable consultation services in workplace safety and injury prevention, as well as outstanding workers’ compensation solutions in claims management.

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What Sets Us Apart

Who We Are

Welcome to Johnston & Associates, Inc. We believe in learning from and listening to our clients. We recognize that some of the most helpful workplace safety ideas and solutions come from managers, supervisors, and front line employees. By combining your essential input with our safety consulting and injury reduction expertise, we are able to implement our innovative behavioral systems designed to help your employees work injury free. Committed to providing uncompromising quality, we are able to customize occupational safety systems that work specifically to mitigate safety risks in your organization. Our workers compensation solutions firm delivers reliable results, every time.

Our proven behavioral safety systems create a safe workplace designed to ensure your employees’ safety. Let us show you the positive difference Johnston & Associates can make in your organization’s safety culture and bottom line as we reduce workers’ compensation claims and help create an injury free workplace!