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A few benefits of working with Johnston & Associates are:

                  * Creating a zero injury culture

                  * Reducing work related injuries
                  * Lowering experience modification rating
                  * Helping supervisors become better observers

                  * Increasing employee safety awareness
                  * Increasing employee safety responsibility
                  * Increasing employee safety accountability

"Proper thinking starts with proper training."

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Quote provided:
  • Telephonic
  • Onsite

Employee occupational safety training programs and workplace safety consulting services are not one size fits all. Because every client’s needs are unique, Johnston & Associates provides your company with a designated safety consultant whose area of expertise is in your industry, along with a support team of occupational safety experts at our corporate office. Together, our team and yours will tailor our safety systems to meet your organization’s needs. Working with your management and safety team, we can help to improve your safety culture with our Method Oriented Safety Thinking® systems. For more information on Nashville based Johnston & Associates occupational safety consulting services, contact us today!

Services Provided:
  • OSHA Compliance Questions
  • Mock OSHA inspection
  • Post accident investigation
  • Recordables increasing? Why and how to reverse trend
  • Mod Rate increased? Plan and implement corrective action
  • DOT Compliance Questions
  • Company growth planning
  • Large bid recommendations
  • Second opinion on current Workers' Compensation coverage
  • Comprehensive Safety Strategies

Nashville Occupational Safety Consulting

OSHA Co​mpliance