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More About DET * Middle TN Miller Beer Distributor * Founded in 1951 * 250 Employees * Handles over 7 Million cases of beer a year!! ​* 2013 winner of the Prestigious MillerCoors President Award  If  you are interested in talking with DET about their experience,  please contact us! ​CONTACT INFO Sales Department Johnston & AssociatesFranklin, TN ​615-373-0500

Prior to working with Johnston & Associates, DET had experienced rapid growth and unfortunately at the same time experienced runaway costs of workers’ compensation expenses with annual premiums approaching $800,000 and an experience mod of 1.8!

Since partnering with Johnston & Associates in 1995, the company has steadily reduced annual workers' compensation costs to an average of $125,000 per year!  They have also managed to reduce the number of injuries over the past ten years while increasing their number of employees!   

Even though DET employees annually handle over 7 million cases of beer and thousands of kegs, their employees hardly ever get injured. DET’s low losses have created a current experience mod of .78.

How Do They Do It?

 Implemented Johnston & Associates Behavioral Based Loss Control Systems


DET employees all know, understand and apply the principles of our M.O.S.T.® behavioral based safety system.  M.O.S.T.® stands for Method Oriented Safety Thinking®.  This simple, common sense approach works to protect working people. DET expects every employee to know the meaning of M.O.S.T.® and to practice it daily. 

Their Supervisors are all M.O.S.T.® Certified Trainers.  In this role, they are Method Observers and Safety Trainers. The  M.O.S.T.® System works with working people to keep them safe. 


Johnston & Associates’ Proactive Third Party Administration Model


Johnston & Associates also provides Third Party Administration claims management for DET’s workers’ compensation claims.  Our unique commitment to assign only 75 claims, including both medical only and lost time, to DET’s dedicated adjuster allows for maximum proactive cost control. 


The DET Distributing story illustrates how Johnston & Associates partners collaboratively with our clients for absolute maximum control of accidents and cost. 

DET Distributing’s management has concluded that the best benefit decision made was the one to start and stay with Johnston & Associates and The M.O.S.T.® System for the past 18 years.


About DET Distributing

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