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Texas Non-Subscription

Johnston & Associates has a 20 year history of helping Texas employers handle non-subscriber plans and claims.
Our Roundrock, TX office is centrally located and provides services throughout the state.

Our Services - What Sets Us Apart
     Johnston & Associates provides a full service risk management model for Texas Non-Subscription. First, we can provide you with a detailed analysis to determine if nonsubscription is right for your company. If you are already a non-subscriber we can provide an analysis of your current plan and claims. Contact our occupational safety and health company for more information.

Our model provides clients with loss control services that are closely linked with claims management to mitigate the risk associated with lawsuits due to employer negligence. We proactively work to eliminate fraudulent claims, provide employees with excellent medical care, and reduce overall occupational injury costs.

FAQ's About Non-Subscription:

What Does It Mean to be a Non-Subscriber?
Texas does not require most private employers to have workers' compensation insurance. Employers who don't offer Workers' Compensation coverage are called Non-Subscribers. Being a responsible non-subscriber means that your company still provides an injury benefit plan to cover occupational injuries and illnesses for your employees. In addition, sound risk management planning will determine the amount of excess insurance to put in effect to protect against high dollar claims. These benefits adhere to Franklin based Johnston & Associates occupational safety and health guidelines.

Why Should My Company Consider the Non-Subscription Option to Workers’ Compensation Coverage in Texas?
First, consider the fact of the unique and fortunate opportunity of becoming a non-subscriber that your company has as a Texas employer. Since 1913, Texas has allowed approved companies the opportunity to opt out of the state workers’ compensation system and operate as non-subscribers. The main reason to consider this option is improved control—better control of the medical costs and better claims management control means enhanced occupational safety and health for companies.

What are the Risks Involved in Becoming a Non-Subscriber and Stepping Outside of the Workers’ Compensation System?
With a properly written non-subscription plan to protect your company and your employees, the boundaries of risks are well defined. For example, stop loss coverage limits should be set to fit the financial exposure and risk tolerance appropriate for protecting the stability of the company assets.

Opponents to the non-subscription system often claim that injured workers in the non-subscription companies frequently seek attorneys. The Texas Association of Business is quoted as saying: “Less than 1/10 of 1% of all non-subscriber injury claims have any attorney involvement and far fewer actually result in litigation.” As a consulting firm and Third Party Administrator of non-subscription companies, our experience supports the fact that a well administered non-subscription plan, coupled with a sound safety system, almost eliminates attorney involvement.

Safer Work Environment and Safety Oriented Employees
One of the best ways for a company to avoid being liable should an accident occur is through establishing a strong, effective safety system. Not only will this keep workers safe, but it will also demonstrate corporate responsibility for providing a safe work environment.

Control of Fraud
Under workers’ compensation managed by some large insurance companies, all too often claims are just paid rather than managed. Non-subscribers have the ability to set their own requirements for injury reporting and company investigation. With a proactive Third Party Administration claims management service, surveillance and aggressive claims management can yield excellent cost containment results.

Better Medical Treatment for Employees
Non-Subscriber companies have greater control of the medical treatment for work-related injuries in that the company has the right to select treating physicians. Under workers’ compensation, employees maintain the right to select their own treating physicians.  

Claims Management Control

When companies are non-subscribers and control their own system, they are able to communicate with their TPA, their employees, and the health care professionals to better coordinate care, ensure the employee receives needed treatment, control costs, work with the employee throughout their injury, and prepare for the employee’s return to work.

For more information on occupational safety & health, contact our Franklin based company for friendly service today!